Buildings for the calendar
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Buildings for the calendar

Gregorian calendar now become a standard reference for almost all world and countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have their own calendar, as are the exception to the rule.

New Year celebrations in other cultures and nations can not .

The evolution of the calendar and the calendar in the fifth century by a group of mathematicians and their leader , Omar Khayyam was known as Jalali calendar Current carefully recorded. Since then the place has maintained the most accurate calendar in the world .

The mathematicians actually tried to revive the ancient Iranian calendar which is followed by the Muslim Arabs were replaced with Islamic lunar calendar .

is not. Add one month for each 120 -year period in the history of ancient Iran was trying to leap with this order needed to be established .

The evolution of the Persian calendar , the calendar was employed as tools , to monitor and diagnose the condition of the buildings were made of sun , planets and stars .

Elevated rock

The most widely known buildings in the world, Stonehenge in southern England can be noted that dates back to two or three thousand years before Christ returns. It is a stone " elevated " is a tool for the measurement of the angle of the sun changes were used .

Many archaeologists have elevated the oldest stone observatory in the world knows.

South and Central America, the Maya and Inca origins of the great works of astronomical monuments have been discovered. Form, alignment and angle of elevated stone and other similar buildings on the ground so that the exact time of the Revolution ( summer and winter solstice ) , the sun or other celestial bodies in a specific condition, rather than they were .

Iranian nations most advanced in astronomy and calendars have been observing and recording stars . 365 -day solar calendar in ancient history and years before Zoroaster back to ancient times . Power of the central government in the Achaemenid era underlie the development activity in the field of astronomy . The application of this knowledge to further advance both were sailing .

Gains during the calculated period and leap off the year . Calculated during the course of what is used today only a few minutes of error . Persepolis is a cube-shaped rock on which a circle and three lines can be seen. This stone was used to detect the beginning of the equinox seasons .

Nye Naqsh-e Rostam ( Fars province ) of the Achaemenid monuments is about the application of different views expressed Mstdltryn but one of these approaches has its application in the calendar . There are reasons to suggest that the role of Rustam , solar clock and calendar to extract and recognize the early days of sun each year and revolutions Atdalhay summer and winter and spring and fall, and other related events were used in journalism .

And the rotation angle of the building and the height of the stairs is such a way that it otherwise would have none of the current state of the solar calculations, thereby not possible . Check It shows not only how the sun moves scientists at that time were familiar but also phenomena such as solar eclipse and lunar eclipse was predicted .

Places of worship and calendar

In addition , government buildings , religious buildings were also some who along with ritual use , as well as limited in their astronomical work was done . For example, the number of Zoroastrian fire-temples noted that the heights have been constructed . Archaeologists believe form the flood-gates of Zoroastrian fire temples because they have a calendar application .

An example of this was Niyasar temple buildings that have survived until today . How to Build a manner that it stretches at the beginning of each chapter in order to connect the solar radiation that is observed in certain columns . Another example of such a fire temples around Kazeroon Jarreh flung wide .

Nimroz, Zabul Azkhntryn observatories observatory today can be considered ancient world . Nimroz and Zabul observatory in orbit meridian ancient origin were located in the known world at that time was divided into two parts . Later , after several relocations, circuit city located on the meridian of Greenwich , England was considered the source .

Accurate diagnosis and evaluation of seasonal climatic range planning for agriculture is important . Maybe that's why the scientists calendar journalist historically rulers were well supported . To achieve the most accurate calendar developed a form of trying to prove some kind of progress in science and the ancient world , was considered .

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